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Tyne Tees Security is a professional Security Guarding company with over 50 years of combined security experience of professionals.

Our Innovative and dedicated approach to enhance savings for our Clients leads ourselves to proudly announce "Secure Business Communities" scheme.

We first started this service a couple of years ago in South Shields where Business Parks and Industrial Estates were experiencing severe problems with break-ins and vandalism.

Clearly this had become a massive burden on the Police and local communities. It was our undertaking with the cooperation of the South Shields Neighborhood District Council and spearheaded by a representative from these estates to come up with a solution to this problem.

Within the first year of the introduction of the crime rate reduced dramatically with no reported incidents. From these beginnings the Business Network Scheme was born and unique details of this operation are shown below.

Service Features and Benefits of the scheme

A resident "after hours" Security Officer who will conduct regular foot patrols around the perimeter of the site and visit each of the clients premises that has joined the scheme.

Control points (Data TAGS)

That will record the times visited by the officer fitted to each premise Free of charge

Services and Features

  • Free Key Holding Service for each client's premises.
  • Free Warning Signs for each client's premises.
  • Free mobile supervisor in support of the resident Security Officer in a marked security vehicle.
  • 24hr telephone access to our centralized control room.
  • An overt presence maintained on this site would send a clear message to opportunist criminals, dramatically reducing the risk of crime taking place.
  • The client's property and assets would be secure when the business is closed.
  • An assurance that your premises are locked down and secure
  • False alarm call outs by the clients are eliminated.
  • An instant alarm response will be given to each scheme member.
  • A possible reduction in your Insurance Premium.

Keyholding and Mobile Package

The scheme does not always need to be focused towards Security Guarding, it can accommodate the need to have mobile patrols and key holding. The scheme will ensure that a set number of mobile patrols take place on the estate each evening, weekend or when determined by members of the scheme.

An average number of patrols would be between 4 and 6 per evening, doubling the amount on the weekend to cover Saturday and Sunday days. Each mobile inspector has a vehicle fully signed with the TTS logo. On each estate we will install a clocking system for peace of mind that patrols are being carried out as per the schedule agreed and records of these patrols will forwarded to members of the scheme on a weekly basis.

As the Mobile Inspector will be visiting the estate to carry out mobile patrols, it makes sense that they also act as keyholders responding to alarm call outs to those members in the scheme.


Tyne Tees Security has an established training division which members of the scheme can use to their advantage. When new members join the scheme we offer a 50% reduction on all courses per person for the first course they do. For ongoing members and subsequent courses there is a 35% reduction on all course costs per person.

Courses we offer are as follows:

  • Customer Service
  • Interviewing Skills
  • First at Work (4 day course)
  • First Aid Appointed Persons (1 day course)
  • Security Screening
  • Exam Management
  • Risk Assessment

We would be happy to discuss costs for these courses at any time.

Business Network Trust Security Scheme

It is operated by Tyne Tees Security and includes a patrol, on foot and by van, from 6pm until 6am and 24 hour cover at weekends and Bank Holidays. Tyne Tees also offer key holder, alarm monitoring and lone worker checking services. We can utilise CCTV cameras to assist with any incidents that may occur.

Businesses on estates before manned guarding was implemented will remember the catalogue of vandalism and burglaries that would occur on an almost daily basis. With the introduction of the scheme businesses are free to concentrate on doing business rather than dealing with the consequences of crime.

For the Business Network Scheme it is important for all businesses to make a contribution.

This is based on a small rate paid monthly. And as there is only one set hourly rate for a security officer the cost are very low. The more businesses in the estate who are in the scheme the lower the rate per business.

Membership of Business Network Scheme Typical Times & Prices

The is based at one of the Schemes member's premises which is used as a base during out of hours working at the site.

MONDAY TO FRIDAY 1800 to 0600


  • Membership of the scheme will be limited to a minimum of 12 members.
  • Each member will be contracted to a one (1) year membership.
  • This is billed on a monthly basis in order for you to spread the cost.

Cluster Packages

Platinum (community size above 10 members)

  • Guard rate: 15% off basic manned guarding rate per hour plus V.A.T.
  • 40% off all training packages (Training packages on offer: First aid at work, first aid appointed person, customer service, security screening, interviewing skills, exam management, risk assessment)
  • £15% of charge rate per mobile visit based on 54 visits per week.
  • Free clocking system on site to check patrols, two points per unit.
  • If all tenants join the scheme within the first six months the guard rate will reduce by 20% / and/or the mobile rate will reduce by 20% per visit.

Gold (community Size from 6 - 10) members

  • Guard rate: 10% off basic charge rate per hour plus V.A.T.
  • 30% off all training packages (Training packages on offer: First aid at work, first aid appointed person, customer service, security screening)
  • 10% off basic charge rate per mobile visit
  • Free clocking system on site to check patrols, one point per unit.
  • If all tenants join within the first six months the guard rate per hour or mobile Patrol visit will reduce by considerable agreed amount.

Silver (Community size from 3 - 5 members)

  • Guard rate: 5% discount of basic manned guarding rate per hour plus V.A.T
  • 20% off all training packages (First aid appointed person, customer service, security screening)
  • £5% off basic charge rate per mobile visit

Bronze (Community size uptil 2 members)

  • Guard rate: Basic Manned Guarding rate per hour plus V.A.T
  • 10% off all training packages (First aid appointed person, security screening)
  • Basic Charge rate per mobile visit
  • No clocking system.
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